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       If you are interested to join Media and Communication Laboratory, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, if you want to study under my supervision, please read the following with patience.
      There is an essential difference between undergraduate students and graduate students. The former ones, whose brains are stuffed tightly by teachers, are told to acquaint the knowledge which had been researched intensively, while exploring the unknown and creating new knowledge are the duties of the later ones. Research means to exam details and pursue perfection; investigation means to figure out the causes of various phenomenon. Talking about new knowledge, no one is more familiar than you. Research and investigation are the main elements of graduate students’ study. 
      Interest is the most powerful motivation of research. Only the person with great enthusiasm in the research field could addict himself or herself to the research. It will be a great pleasure to do research on what you are infatuated with. Perseverance, the symbiosis of interest, is the prerequisite when you intend to be a graduate student. Whether you are interested in our research field?(You could read our publications.)
      Thinking independently is a significant component of research and the prerequisite of innovation. It is indispensable for researchers. Graduate students need to think independently, actively, persistently, iteratively and profoundly. Independency, an extremely important quality, could reflect the personality
      Criticism is another attribute required of top researchers. Graduate students must have the courage to challenge and question authority. Always keep these question in mind: "Is this the best result?", “Have all the good methods been used?", "Are there any references of methods and skills in other fields that might be suitable for this?", "Is there any possibility that a new algorithm can be found to solve this problem?" Questioning allows us to understand things that are unfamiliar before; questioning allows us to seize the opportunity. Only with questioning, graduate students could go beyond instructors.
      What is your contribution to the laboratory? Individual development should coincide with laboratory’s aim. Thinking purely from personal point of view will be harmful to the personal improvement. Individual’s improvement goes with laboratory development is exactly what we expect, which achieves win-win results.
      What is your future plan for occupation? Do you take your postgraduate period into consideration when you plan your career? Does laboratory provide you the suitable training for your future? 
      The ultimate education goal in our laboratory is to cultivate quality-oriented students instead of students with only some specific skills which here we consider as only one aspect of graduate’s life.(If you wish to obtain great improvement in skills, such as hardware, software development capabilities, many other excellent instructors in our department would be much more suitable for you! )
      To sum up, our requirements for future graduate students are: good quality, ability to think independently, strong interest in research, team spirit and good communication skills. 
      It demands hard working and outstanding achievements to reach the requirements of graduation. If a Master’s or Doctor’s degree is what you want, our laboratory may not suitable to you. The tasks are strenuous here which require a completely devotion. For the students who plan to take GRE or TOEFL test, or plan to spend their postgraduate life in amusement, please look for another teachers and leave the limited opportunities to the students who need and cherish them.(We do not have a forbidden policy in taking GRE or TOEFL test, but it must not influence regular research work!)
      Generally, 3 or 4 weeks internship is required for the graduate students who want to join the lab, through which mutual understanding could be build up.
      All the students who apply are regarded as understanding and accepting this cause. For the students who disobey it after enrolling, the laboratory reserves the right of canceling scholarship, postponing graduation and etc., according to the situation.
      The original professional background is not essential in our consideration, but qualified mathematics background, English ability and computer skills are what we appreciate. Each research group has different emphasis, please refer to the introduction respectively.

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